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Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism and Continuous Evolvement

Reliable Solutions Distributor is a long-standing company of software and business solutions, proudly serving the Moldovan market since 2010. Also an extension of the greater, Romsym Data company, based in Bucharest, Romania, with an even greater over two decades of experience. Romsym, stands as one of the leaders in Romania and by extension, in Europe. Far from just offering software and business solutions, the firm also offers tech support and aftercare services, in the scope of pinpointing the exact needs of each company. At RSD, 250 projects had been successfully delivered and implemented nationally, across a wide span of solutions and technologies. Throughout our over ten-year tenure, our team at RSD have amassed unparalleled trust and certitude given to us by our valued clients. We continue to be one of the most counted on partners in IT&C supply of solutions throughout the whole of Moldova. Coupled with timely delivery assurance, solution installation and configuration tweaks, tech-support, and aftercare ensure out beneficiaries remain fully satisfied.


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We strive to become the gateway to the new, secure technology at the cutting-edge for the entire country.


We plan to reach to our destination through by offering nothing but the most viable and stable solutions for our partners.


To education out clients about the new computer technologies. To contribute to the rise in IT&C service quality throughout the Republic of Moldova. To help our clients in reaching their goals more effortlessly with the help of technology. To give access to clients from Moldova to the newest IT solutions and technologies.

Collaborating with us means

Access to the latest tech offerings

RSD brings the latest information-security innovations in data storage, data analysis, document management solutions, call center and telephony, infrastructure routing and management to name a few.

Security and Support

From project initiation to project sign-off, we keep a close eye on timely delivery of all components necessary for product installation to configuration. Furthermore, we keep the value of our business relationship to be able to quickly respond to your needs in the future as your trusted business partner.

Access to IT&C Events

RSD is the organizer and go-to partner for IT&C events of great importance, both on a national stage as well as abroad.

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We appreciate the quality, professionalism, way of working and the promptness with which RSD delivers the services.
Ruslan Tanurcov
Chief of the IT department, BC Eximbank S.A.
We recommend RSD as a professional and reliable company, which differs favorably from its competitors.
Sergiu Guzun
Administrator, Panilino LTD
RSD has all the resources, ability and experience to provide IT services at high quality standards.
Simion Tatarov
Mayor of Rezina



National Bank of Moldova – DELL EMC

Order consisted of installing a “Data Domain 6300-7X4" 14 TB NFS CIFS protection storage system as well as ensuring technical support for “Data Domain Virtual Edition” 14 TB capacity device.

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MobiasBanca Commercial Bank – ELO Digital Office

Better oversight information flows during client networking process, information updates, and electronic management of documents as well of electronic archive.

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Eximbank Commercial Bank – ManageEngine

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Multi-language Enterprise Edition enabled a comprehensive systematization of answers to all incidents and requests.


Victoriabank Commercial Bank – TITUS

Implementation of document classification and marking system, as well as TITUS electronic messaging.