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Reliable Solutions Distributor offers solutions for the following activity domains: Business, Security, Banking & Financial, Construction Design, Architecture, Engineering, Energy & Utilities, Computer-Aided Design, Telecommunications, Educational and more.


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Cyber Security

Anti-Malware solutions for workstations, servers, and email accounts. Solutions for data leak prevention and data protection of infrastructure, databases, and various applications.

Infrastructure Security

Enabled by specialized applications and hardware equipment Gateway/Firewall that filters, inspects, monitors, and encrypts data flows generated between IT equipment, local network and the wider internet.

Back-up Solutions

Workstations, servers, storage and backup equipment for copying and archiving of important company information. Restore your data in case of loss or accidental data corruption, or equipment damage or breach by a virus.

Hardware and virtualization infrastructure solutions

Technologies that allow multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single computer. Share and distribute a server's hardware resources in multiple "virtual machines", turning hardware into software.


Document Automation

Software management for the complete electronic cycle of documents, including their archival. Applicable for contracts, invoices, HR personal files, HR recruitment, registrations, electronic signatures, etc

Management, helpdesk support and auditing

Inventory of IT and NON IT assets, including the monitoring of employee accounts and network equipment within your institution. (applications, servers, routers, switches, Access Points, stations, etc.).

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Analysis and Reporting

Business intelligence, statistics and reporting applications allow the efficient processing of data you work with, allowing you to obtaining valuable information for prediction generation and reports automation.

Interactive display solutions

Professional solutions and technologies for displaying and distributing information. Monitors, interactive whiteboards, video signal distribution equipment adapted to a wide spectrum of fields such as education, research, business, and so on.

Dedicated solutions

Software and devices that exclusively address certain industries

Design, construction, landscaping

Software for professionals in architecture, civil engineering and SMEs who want to innovate and increase their productivity and profitability through the development of sustainable engineering projects.

Telephony and Radiocommunications

Integration of communication services for institutions and companies through intelligent solutions of Unified Communication, audio and video conferencing as well as professional solutions for radio communications.