Consultancy Services


IT consulting services for the business environment

Through IT consultancy, we offer specialized, informative support for firms. IT Consultancy is a significant factor in gaining a competitive advantage by identifying the best solutions for the IT infrastructure as well as finding value for new technologies. Our consultants are up to date with the latest, useful IT solutions and technologies which can help you optimize your costs, improve efficiency and outcomes of results.

By choosing our IT consultancy service, you will get access to the latest and best performing hardware and software solution selection in line with your budget expectations.

Consultancy in IT system implementation

We assist organizations for the whole duration of their IT system implementation projects.

Consultancy for securing access to information

Our specialists have service offerings for implementing and configuring security equipment (Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls , routers etc.), as well as for automated, protective data access policies (at an equipment level, Active Directory level, and so on.).

Consultancy in development and evaluation of governance framework, related to cyber-security

Our technicians perform both internal and external penetration test in the data network and assess the degree of your companies’ defenses

Consultations related to implementations of IT standards such as: ISO 27001, ISO 20001, etc.

We help organizations implement the highest rated standards for IT governance, such as: ISO 27001, ISO 200001, etc.



Consultations in IT policy and procedure development

We help organizations revise their existing IT policies and procedures, as well as develop a new set of policies and procedures, with the companies’ needs in mind, including the alignment to the most important international standards in the domain.

Consultancy in developing Disaster Recovery Plans in the event of unforeseen circumstances

We analyze the organizational needs of the business and develop new working plans and procedures to ensure swift recovery for IT systems and business continuity in the occurrence of unexpected events.

IT project management and evaluation

We help organizations administer their IT projects by defining and monitoring certain aspects in relation to: planning, organizing, coordination and control.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Consulting Services)

We offer support for company IT resource optimization as well as streamlining organizational processes in relation to a particular domain.