Technical support from the very first moment. Training and Assistance.

As time passed, the cumulative experience had allowed us to extend our offering. As a result, Reliable Solutions Distributor, parallel to its hardware and software solution offering, began presenting a wide variety of consultancy services, training, audit and the certification for companies that are involved in the following spheres of activity: business, banking and financial, security, architecture, construction design, engineering, education, energy-sector, telecoms, and many more.

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After a decade of supplying learning programs and services to professionals within Moldova and Romania – we have perfected the path and simplified the way our programs help our students achieve their desired qualifications. People represent the biggest asset that a company can have – that needs to be well-looked after, made-ready and grow-professionally, to have the capability to satisfy the functional needs of the day-to-day working environment.


Through RSD’s solid partnerships with world-renowned accreditation bodies such as CERTIND and TÜV Austria GmbH, RSD can help you obtain the necessary certifications for greater recognition on the world stage. Whether you wish to get certified in cyber-security, business application or operating system domains – RSD has got you covered.


The auditors follow a series of essential steps to identify security breaches, general vulnerabilities and the performance level of IT-systems. From a security standpoint, the way information flows inside is analyzed and the possible risks of unauthorized access to the network and its resources, as well as data loss, are identified.

Our Objective

To contribute to increasing the quality of IT&C services in the Republic of Moldova.


Through IT consultancy, we offer specialized information support to companies. IT consultancy brings in a significant contribution in gaining a competitive advantage by identifying the most appropriate solutions for operating the IT infrastructure and capitalizing on new technologies.

Our consultants are up to date with the latest IT technologies and solutions through which you can optimize your costs, improve efficiency and business results. By choosing our IT consultancy service, you will have guaranteed access to the latest and best performing hardware and software solutions, reported at the level of your budget.